Knowledge Base (answers to questions)
Is Bumpix a paid app?
New Specialist Profiles can take advantage of a free 1-month trial period. Bumpix functionality is provided for a fee.
How much does Bumpix subscription cost?
The cost of one Specialist's Profile depends on the payment term:
- 1 month - 3.49 EUR/month
- 3 months - 2.99 EUR/month
- 6 months - 2.49 EUR/month
- 12 months - 1.99 EUR/month
How can I pay for Bumpix?
To pay, go to the Specialist's Profile - Profile tab - Payment for Profile section. You will see a round icon with a question mark on the left. Click it to get more info.
What happens if I don't pay for the Specialist's Profile?
After the payment term of your Specialist's Profile expires, profile functions are restricted:
1. Limited ability to create new and edit existing appointments and events.
2. Limited ability to create new entries on income and expenses.
3. Limited ability of online booking (Specialist's webpage is accessible but clients receive a message saying that online booking is not available at this time).
Is payment for Specialist's Profile charged automatically?
Payment can only be made manually. Money cannot be charged automatically.
If there are several Specialist's Profiles in the account, do I need to pay for all of them or just one?
Payment shall be made for each Specialist's Profile used to schedule appointments.
How can I pay for the Specialist's Profile?
You can pay using Visa, MasterCard, or Maestro bank cards. Currently, there are no other ways to pay for the Specialist's Profile.
Is payment for the Specialist's Profile available only in EUR or in other currencies, too?
You can pay in any currency. When a payment is made, the payer's card will be charged in the card currency. Payment is made at the exchange rate determined by the payer's card issuer.
How can I enable online booking?
Online booking can be enabled by going to the Specialist's Profile - Online Booking tab. Online booking is available on the Specialist's personal webpage. Clients do not need to download any apps. Just give them your webpage address, and they will be able to book an appointment online both from the PC and mobile apps. Online booking page address can be found in the Specialist's Profile - Online Booking tab - Specialist's Page Address. You can find a drop-down list with Copy and Paste menu items to the right of the address.
Why I don't get notifications about new online bookings?
1. Make sure that "Receive notifications for THIS Specialist on THIS device" setting is enabled in the Specialist's Profile.
2. If you use the Android app, make sure to disable power-saving mode for Bumpix app on your device (How can I disable power-saving mode for Bumpix app on my Android device?).
Join Catalog setting is enabled in online booking settings. Why isn't my Specialist's Profile available in the list of specialists on
Even if the Specialist has enabled Join Catalog setting, such Specialist does not appear in the catalog right away. It takes some time to verify that you actually use Bumpix app to schedule clients and online booking is currently available. This is done to show only active Specialists to potential clients. Use Bumpix to schedule clients, and your profile will appear in the catalog of specialists soon.
How can I post a link to my online booking page on Instagram, Facebook, or other social media?
A link to online booking page is a regular URL. Contact your social media's Support to find out how to post links there.
Why did a Client from the blacklist manage to book a new appointment online?
1. Make sure that a Client is actually added to the blacklist: Client card - Client in the Blacklist (must be enabled).
2. In your online booking settings, make sure that appointments are forbidden for Clients from the blacklist: Specialist's Profile - Online Booking tab - Forbid for Clients from Blacklist (must be enabled).
Why very little time available for appointments appears during online booking even though almost the entire day is free?
"Time Sticking" mode is enabled in online booking settings. Specialist's Profile - Online Booking tab - Time Sticking Mode. You will see a round icon with a question mark to the left of this setting. Click it to find out how this functionality works. If needed, you can disable this setting at any time.
How can Clients restore their password?
If the password is entered incorrectly, the Client is shown an error code and Forgot Password? link. When clicked, this link opens a window where the Client can restore their account password.
How can a Client leave a review?
Clients may add reviews about the Specialist in My Appointments section on (appears after the Client signs in using the phone number). When the appointment end time passes, a Review icon appears next to this appointment. The Client can write the review within 30 days after the appointment.
Can Clients see Specialist's appointments?
Clients can't see information on Specialist's appointments. On the online booking page, Clients can only select services and see time slots available for appointments.
How do I set reminders for clients?
Reminders can be added directly from the appointment card (Reminders section - Add Reminder). In your Specialist's Profile (Default Reminders tab), you can also add default reminders that will be added to all new appointments automatically.
How can I add a reminder after the appointment?
When you create a reminder, change the setting "... hour(s) BEFORE" to "... hour(s) AFTER" in the Time section. You will set the reminder to be sent after the appointment.
How do I change SMS text?
You can edit SMS text by going to the Specialist's Profile - SMS Templates tab.
How much do SMS cost?
Bumpix app sends SMS through your mobile carrier. SMS cost is based on your cell phone plan.
How do I send reminders through WhatsApp and Viber?
You can send reminders through WhatsApp and Viber manually: Appointment card - Client section - right drop-down list - Send to WhatsApp (Viber). Or you can add a reminder with a type WhatsApp (manually) or Viber (manually) on the appointment card (Reminders section).
Can I use the Android or iOS app to automatically send SMS to all clients?
Mass SMS mailing is not available for the following reasons:
1. The carrier may block sender's SMS function for mass SMS mailing.
2. Almost in any country, the sender faces considerable fines for mass SMS mailing.
3. Android and iOS have technical limitations that prevent mass SMS mailing.
Does the app have the ability to automatically send SMS reminders?
Android and iOS systems have technical limitations that do not allow automatic SMS sending. To send reminders in manual mode, you can use the Reminder Center. Main menu - Reminder Center section - drop-down menu in the upper right corner - Help item. Open this item and learn how to send messages using the Reminder Center.
Why are the sent SMS messages not reaching some clients?
The Bumpix application only substitutes the text of the message according to the desired template. It does not participate in the sending process itself. Messages are sent via the standard SMS sending app on your device. Mobile operators are directly responsible for the successful delivery of messages. Accordingly, the Bumpix application cannot influence the message delivery process in any way. To clarify the cause of the problem, you need to contact your mobile operator.
Can I use WhatsApp or Viber to send reminders automatically?
Unfortunately, neither WhatsApp, nor Viber or other messenger offer the functionality to automatically send messages on your behalf.
How can I create an Appointment?
To schedule a client, click an empty time slot in the calendar. In the window that opens select Schedule client (with available time slot selection) or Schedule client for ХХ (where ХХ is time that was clicked). You will see a round icon with a question mark on the right of this dialog's top menu. When clicked, it shows detailed instructions on how to schedule clients and create personal events.
How can I set my working schedule?
You can edit your schedule by going to the Specialist's Profile - Schedule tab.
How can I set a schedule for the specified date or mark vacation days as days-off?
If you need to set a schedule for a certain day (or mark vacation days as days-off), click the month and year in the top menu of the main calendar with appointments. Calendar for the month will open. In the bottom of the calendar for the month, move Custom Schedule Mode switch to On. Then, click dates and mark selected days as days-off or set your custom working schedule.
How can I add a new service or edit previously added services?
Services can be edited by going to the Specialist's Profile - Services tab.
If I change the service price, will it also change in past appointments with this service?
When you change the price in the service card, prices in existing appointments with this service will not change. This means it will not influence your reports for previous periods. New prices will be applied only to new appointments with this service.
What is the Client's Balance?
There is a Balance section in each Client's card. You will see a drop-down list with a Help menu item on the right. Select it and find out how to use the Client's balance to keep track of debts and pre-payments.
Can I set automatic charges from the client balance?
All transactions with the client balance must be made in the manual mode.
Will I lose my data if the app is deleted?
App data are automatically synced with the server. If you reinstall the app, just sign in to your Bumpix account, and all of your data will be restored. You can also schedule appointments in the Specialist's Web Dashboard:
Will I be able to restore an appointment if I accidentally delete it?
Before the appointment gets deleted permanently, a dialog appears prompting to confirm deletion. This is done to avoid accidental data losses. If you confirm deletion, the appointment can't be restored.
How can I disable power-saving mode for Bumpix app on my Android device?
For Bumpix app to function properly, you need to add it to exclusions of the power-saving system. Unfortunately, there is no universally applicable method to do this, as different device manufacturers use different settings sections to disable power-saving. As a rule, these settings can be found in the Phone Settings - Battery section. Below are the most common options for various devices.

For Huawei phones
Option 1. Phone Settings - Battery - Launch section (or App Launch). From here, disable Automatic Management next to Bumpix app. Make sure that all switches are enabled in the manual setting window that appears and press OK. Then, restart your phone.
Option 2. Phone Settings - Apps - Settings - Special Access - Ignore Battery Optimization. Select "Allow for Bumpix app". Then, restart your phone.
Option 3. Phone Settings - Apps - Bumpix. On some Huawei models, the power-saving mode may be disabled directly in these section.

For Xiaomi phones
Option 1. Phone Settings - Apps - Bumpix. Find Auto Launch setting and enable it. In the Activity Control section, set the switch to No Restrictions. In Other Permissions section enable Lock Screen, Launch in the Background, Pop-ups permissions (if such settings are available in Other Permissions section).
Option 2. If there is Security or Phone Manager system app on your phone (with a shield icon on the home screen), open it. In the Power section, remove all restrictions for Bumpix app. In the Auto Launch section, enable automatic launch for Bumpix app.

For Samsung phones
Option 1. Phone Settings - Battery - Exclusion List section. Add Bumpix app to the list of exclusions.
Option 2. Phone Settings - Battery - Powering Mode setting. Set High Performance mode for this setting. Then, go to the following section: Phone Settings - Apps - Bumpix - Battery. Set the value Optimize Power Use setting to "Not Optimized".

If your device is not in the list or none of the options fits, try searching the web for information on turning off power-saving by specifying your phone model in the request.
How to add another Specialist's Profile?
Actions on Specialist Profiles (delete, add, etc.) can be taken in the All Specialists section: Main menu - Specialist's Profile - right drop-down list - All Specialists.
How can I work on multiple devices at a time?
To use multiple devices simultaneously, just install Bumpix app on these devices and sign in using your account.
Can I grant only limited access to a Specialist?
You can create a separate restricted account for each Specialist: Specialist's Profile - Profile tab - Specialist's Account section (there is a round icon with a question mark on the left; click it to learn about restrictions for a given account).
Why data are synced between devices with a considerable delay?
For timely automatic synchronization on all devices, these devices must have a reliable Internet connection. To start manual synchronization, open the main menu and press Synchronization section.
Why won't the app work in landscape mode?
Interaction with Bumpix app is closely related to keyboard input. In landscape mode, the keyboard may cover the entire display and cause inconveniences. Therefore, the app functions in portrait mode only.
How can I hide non-working hours on the calendar with appointments?
The app has a smart calendar adjustment feature (Specialist's Profile - Settings tab - Smart Calendar Adjustment), which expands or compresses the calendar vertically depending on the working time and created appointments. After such adjustment, non-working hours are not displayed on the calendar. However, they are always available if you scroll the calendar vertically (for cases when you need to schedule a Client during non-working hours).
Why can't I edit Client's profile (there is a notification in the Client's profile saying that my account is not allowed to do it)?
You signed in to the app with an individual Specialist's account which has some restrictions. In the main menu, press Sign Out button and sign in using the admin account .. This will remove all restrictions. Go to Specialist's Profile - Profile tab - Specialist's Account section (you will see a round icon with a question mark on the left; click it to learn about restrictions on the individual Specialist's account). This section appears after you sign in with the admin account.
How can I sign in to the Specialist's Web Dashboard?
To sign in to the Web Dashboard, click the Menu section in the website top panel and select Specialist's Web Dashboard. Or you can follow the link:
How can a Specialist restore password?
There is a Forgot Password link on the sign-in screen in the app (under the mail and password input fields). Click it and enter your email. A password reset link will be sent to this email. Password can also be restored in the Web Dashboard:
How do I delete a Bumpix account?
Main menu - Settings - Account section - right drop-down list - Delete.
How do I change my E-mail in Bumpix account?
Main menu - Settings - Account section - right drop-down list - Change E-mail.
How do I set a default Specialist's Profile if the account contains several Specialist Profiles?
Main menu - Specialist's Profile - right drop-down list - All Specialists - Default Specialist section. Click this section and select the Specialist's Profile you need.
How do I enable/disable synchronization with Google Calendar in Android app?
Main Menu - Specialist's Profile - Settings tab - Synchronize with Google Calendar.