Privacy Policy

1. General Provisions

1.1. This Personal Data Privacy Policy (hereinafter - Privacy Policy) applies to relations between Bumpix service owners (hereinafter - the Service) and a person using the website and mobile apps provided by the Service (hereinafter - the User).

1.2. Before using the Service, the User undertakes to fully read the Privacy Policy.

1.3. The use of the Service means User's unconditional consent to the Privacy Policy. If the User does not agree with it, he or she must stop using the Service.

1.4. In case of changes to the Privacy Policy, the Service undertakes to publish them on the webpage no later than 10 days prior to their entry into force.

1.5. The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to ensure adequate protection of User's personal data from unauthorized access and disclosure.

1.6. The Privacy Policy applies to the Service only. The Service does not control and is not responsible for third-party resources that the User may navigate to by following the links available on the Service website.

2. Personal Data Collection

2.1. The Service collects personal data that the User provides or that are automatically transmitted by the software used to access the Service.

2.2. The Service does not verify the authenticity of personal data provided by the User. This Privacy Policy provides that all user data are credible and updated. In case of disputes, the Service shall be entitled to demand the User to provide all the information required for his or her identification and personal data verification. If the User refuses to confirm the data, the Service shall be entitled to deny services to such a User.

2.3. By using the Service, the User gives unconditional consent to personal data collection and processing.

3. What data we collect

3.1. A prerequisite for using the Service is the existence of an account. When it is created, the Service collects data, including the User's email address and his/her name.

3.2. After creating an account in the Service and using it regularly, all data provided by the User is uploaded to a remote server using a secure data transfer protocol. In this case, only the data that the User added on his/her own is collected. The set of data may vary depending on the availability of various functions provided by the Service.

3.3. The Service does not collect additional data in a hidden mode. Only the data that the User independently adds on a voluntary basis is collected.

3.4. The Service automatically collects data on technical errors and failures that may occur in mobile applications and on the Service's website. Data is collected in the form of logs, which may contain the following information:
- date and time of failure
- device model
- operating system version
- the amount of available memory
- browser version

4. Using Permissions to Collect Data in Mobile Apps

4.1. Mobile applications (for Android and iOS) may request permissions to provide access to the User's personal data. After granting permissions, the User has the opportunity to disable them at any time in the settings of his device. The availability of permissions does not affect the overall performance of mobile applications. Their absence restricts the work of only those functions, the work of which is impossible without the granting of permissions.

4.2. Mobile apps (for Android and iOS) use permissions for the following purposes:
- Permission to access the Contact List. Required to quickly create appointments from the Contact List. It is also used to import Contacts to the client list and export the client list to the Contact List.
- Permission to access the Calendar. Required to display events from the Calendar on the device in the Service calendar. It is also used to copy events from the Service calendar to the Device Calendar.
- Permission to access the Internet. Required to synchronize data with a remote server. Also used to sync data across devices.
- Permission to access the state of the network connection. Required for timely synchronization of data between devices.
- Permission to access the state of the Phone. Required to detect network connectivity and synchronize data between devices in a timely manner.
- Permission to the Camera. Required to quickly add a photo in the mobile application.

4.3. When using permissions to access data in mobile applications (for Android and iOS), data collection is not performed without the direct participation of the User through physical interaction with the mobile application. Access to data is used only when the operation of certain functions is impossible without it.

5. Use of collected data

5.1. All collected User data is used solely for the convenience of working with the Service and is not transferred to third parties. All User data are strictly confidential and are not disclosed by the Service.

5.2. The User's account is used to enable the provision of online booking services. It is also required to recover data on a new device and simultaneously work on multiple devices. Having an account allows for timely data synchronization.

5.3. All User data is stored both in mobile applications (for Android and iOS) and on a remote server of the Service. Storing the collected data on the server allows to restore them in a mobile application, as well as work with them in the Web.

6. Personal Data Protection

6.1. The Service shall take appropriate measures to protect the User's personal data. A secure protocol encrypting Users information and restricting third party access to it is used during data transfers.

6.2. The User undertakes to keep safe any data required for signing in to the Service. When the User transfers sign-in data to third parties, the Service shall bear no responsibility for any damage that may result from it.

6.3. User's personal data shall not be subject to protection if the User grants access to them on the Service website.

6.4. The Service shall be entitled to partially change User's personal data if any mistakes are detected.

6.5. This Privacy Policy forbids the transfer of personal data collected by the Service to third parties, except for cases when the User is a participant of court proceedings. In this case, access to such User's personal data may be granted based on the court judgement.

7. Personal Data Storage

7.1. The Service ensures the security of User's personal data for the entire period of User's use of the Services. In case of technical failures, the Service shall be entitled to temporarily restrict User's access to his or her personal data.

7.2. The Service shall ensure maximum safety of personal data by using reliable data storage means and applying backup technology.

7.3. In the event of force majeure, User's data may be deleted or changed. In these situations, the Service bears no responsibility for any damage that may be caused to the User.

7.4. User's personal data may be deleted if such User has not used the Services for 365 days.

7.5. User's personal data may be deleted at User's request.

7.6. The Service bears no responsibility for personal data that the User changes in the User account.

7.7. User's personal data are stored exclusively in the electronic form.

8. Support

8.1. The Service undertakes to provide the User with information support within 7 days after the request.

8.2. Client support service contacts can be found on the Service website and in its mobile apps.