User agreement

1. General Provisions

1.1. This User Agreement applies to relations arising between Bumpix service owner (hereinafter - the Service) and a person using the website and the mobile app provided by the Service (hereinafter - the User).

1.2. Before using the Service, the User undertakes to fully read this User Agreement.

1.3. The use of Service means User's unconditional consent to this User Agreement. If the User does not agree with it, he or she must stop using the Service.

1.4. In case of changes to the provisions of this User Agreement, the Service undertakes to publish them on the webpage no later than 10 days prior to their entry into force.

1.5. The purpose of this User Agreement is to regulate relations arising between the Service and the User.

1.6. Failure to comply with the provisions of the present User Agreement may lead to User's account blocking and restricted access to Service functionality.

2. Rights and Obligations of the User

2.1. By using Service functionality, Users undertakes to provide only credible information about themselves.

2.2. If the User offers an Online Appointment service, the User shall keep his or her working schedule up to date. Otherwise, the Service shall be entitled to refuse the User's ability to offer this service.

2.3. After creating an account, Users must take maximum precautions to protect their credentials. Transfer of credentials used to sign in to the Service to third parties is forbidden

2.4. If the User detects technical errors in the Service, such User shall immediately report them to the Service Support.

2.5. When using the Service, the use of third-party software that may harm the Service's business reputation or cause financial damage is forbidden. We do not allow using modified (cracked) versions of the original software offered by the Service.

2.6. The User undertakes to timely update the software offered by the Service for access to its functionality.

2.7. Only individuals who have reached the legal age may use the Service functionality.

2.8. The User may stop using Service functionality at any time.

2.9. User's personal data may be deleted at their request.

2.10. The User may contact Support with any questions or suggestions at any time.

2.11. Using vulnerabilities found by the User in Service software is forbidden. If the User identifies such a vulnerability, the User must immediately report them to Support.

2.12. To access all Service features, the User must create an account and sing in.

2.13. When posting any information in the Service, the User must use common sense. The User bears full responsibility for any information that the User posts on the Service website or in its mobile apps.

2.14. When posting any information in the Service, the User is not allowed to use offensive and obscene materials that violate laws of the country of their stay.

2.15. When signing up or resetting password in the Service, the User undertakes to choose a strong password that would be protected from automatic password mining. The password must be at least 12 characters long and must contain digits and lowercase and uppercase letters.

2.16. The User undertakes to immediately notify Support in the event of any unauthorized access to User's account. Otherwise, User's data may be modified or deleted.

2.17. When posting any information in the Service, the User is not allowed to use any copyrighted materials. Users must only post information authored by themselves.

2.18. Users are prohibited from misleading other Users and impersonating others.

3. Rights and Obligations of the Service

3.1. The Service undertakes to provide uninterrupted access to its functionality. Exceptions include force majeure circumstances and scheduled maintenance. In such cases, access to Service functionality may be restricted.

3.2. The Service is entitled to restrict access to its functionality or block User's account if the latter fails to comply with the provisions of this User Agreement.

3.3. The Service guarantees compliance with the Privacy Policy.

3.4. The Service shall be guided by the present User Agreement during dispute resolution.

3.5. The Service shall be entitled to send communication messages to notify Users of important events or changes in the Service operation.

4. Billable Services

4.1. Service functionality is provided to Users for a fee.

4.2. Payment shall be made for each Specialist Profile created in the User's account.

4.3. After the term for which the Specialist's Profile is paid expires, the following restrictions apply to Service mobile apps and Specialist's Web Dashboard:
- Limited ability to create new or edit existing appointments and events.
- Limited ability to create new income and expense entries.
- Limited ability of online booking (Specialist's webpage is still accessible but clients see messages informing them that online booking is unavailable).

4.4. Payment for each Specialist Profile created in the User's account shall be made monthly. The 1st month implies a full calendar month. If the payment term ends on a day that does not exist in a month when the payment term expires, then the payment term shall be extended until the last day in the month when the payment term expires.

4.5. The price for Service functionality shall be determined by the rules (paragraph 4.6).

4.6. The price for Service functionality shall be specified in the official currency of EU countries - Euro (EUR). The User may pay in any currency at the official exchange rate effective at the time of payment.

4.7. Current price for each Specialist Profile created in the User's account constitutes 1.99 to 3.49 EUR a month (depending on the payment term):
- 1 month - 3.49 EUR/month
- 3 months - 2.99 EUR/month
- 6 months - 2.49 EUR/month
- 12 months - 1.99 EUR/month

4.8. Service may offer a free trial period for the User to try the functionality that will be subsequently provided for a fee.

4.9. If the payment for functionality is delayed or incomplete, the Service shall be entitled to restrict User's access to some features or fully restrict access to the User's account.

4.10. Reimbursement of all unused funds paid for the Service functionality is possible throughout the entire period for which the Specialist Profile is paid. Unused funds mean the balance of money paid by the User for Service functionality that has not been used yet. The amount to be reimbursed shall be negotiated with the User on a case-by-case basis. To refund, you must contact the Service support (email:

4.11. Payment for the Service is carried out using the international payment systems Visa and MasterCard.

4.12. The payment period for the Specialist's Profile is automatically extended after successful payment.

5. Disclaimer

5.1. The Service bears no responsibility for non-pecuniary or pecuniary damage caused to the User as a result of force majeure circumstances.

5.2. The User must fully acknowledge that servers, where the Service software is stored, may be subject to technical failures or hacker attacks. In such situations, the Service doe not guarantee the provision of uninterrupted functionality to the User.

5.3. If the User transfers its account to third parties, the Service shall bear no responsibility for any information that may be changed or deleted by such third parties.

5.4. The Service is not responsible for any damage caused by one User to another. In this case, the Service undertakes to restrict access to its functionality for the User who caused such damage.